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Ice Age

King penguins in Fortuna Bay, South Georgia.

Ice Age

An elephant seal peeks through a carpet of giant kelp.

Ice Age

10 metre-high mountainous waves toss the ship around as if it were a nutshell.

Ice Age

Icebergs as high as cathedrals in the remaining daylight.

Ice Age

The legacy of the whalers: rusting oil tanks at Grytviken.

Ice Age

Penguins climb a glacier in the mighty Allardyce Range.

Ice Age

Albatrosses – the largest living birds inhabiting our planet.

Ice Age – Antarctic Adventures

Antarctica is the largest wilderness still in existence on earth. André Schumacher spent three months on South Georgia, the Antarctic peninsula and its entwining oceans. The images with which he returned portray the breathtaking beauty of an endangered paradise.

Nowhere is it colder, windier and drier. In the summer 24 hours of daylight prevail, while during the winter, the continent is consumed by total darkness. Unimaginable vastness, solitude and wild origins unite Antarctica in unique beauty. It’s the kingdom of whales, seals and sea birds and the largest penguin colonies in the world. Above all, it's a place where we’re able to remember what we are: just a tiny part of the whole.

The vivid presentation almost comes across as a novel – the audience doesn’t merely become immersed in its powerful images of a geographical journey to the end of the world. It’s also a journey of 2,000 years of human history from the Terra Australis Incognita, whose existence gave wings to the thoughts of ancient Greeks, passing through sailors and explorers who felt the forces of nature to their harshest extent, to current questions regarding the use and future of the icy southern continent.

It’s an unusual presentation leaving the audience room to look, listen and dream – in an epic journey of images and music.

Visitor's Responses + Press

“Ein ganz eigener, wunderbarer Erzählstil!”
Dieter Glogowski, Weitsicht-Festival

“Großes Kino – und das mit Tiefgang!”
Olaf Krüger, Vortragsreihe “Traum und Abenteuer”

“Solch einen Vortrag hatten wir beim Kulturring noch nie: Eine Ahnung vom Wunder der Schöpfung!”
Ulrich Behne, Kulturring Gaggenau

“Ein Teufelskerl! In welchem Vortrag kann man schon Stille spüren?”
Eine namenlose Dame

“Bombastische Aufnahmen!”
David Krumwiede, Magnum Photos

“Ich bin nicht nur von den Fotografien begeistert, sondern auch von dem Geist, der das Ganze trägt – einmalig in der deutschen Vortragsszene!”
Regina Biermann

“Außergewöhnlich eindrucksvoll!”
Andreas Mihatsch, Vortragsreihe “Expedition Erde”

“Noch nie habe ich jemanden so reden hören: nie belehrend und doch alles andere als trivial. Eine wunderbare Art auf Dinge hinzuweisen, die uns alle bewegen.”
Dagmar Sonnenkalb, Direktion Bücherei Teutschenthal

“Gänsehaut am Anfang, Gänsehaut in der Mitte, Gänsehaut am Ende des Vortrags (und das nicht wegen den Temperaturen)!”
Sylvia Porstein-Schröter

“Kann es sein, dass dies der beste Vortrag ist, den wir je im Kulturring hatten?”
Rosemarie WeyhersmĂĽller, Kulturring Gaggenau

“Alles ist hier anders als erwartet: Ja, es gibt Eisberge und Pinguine. Aber was dann kommt... Ein auĂźergewöhnlicher Vortrag!”
Burkhard Hammermann, DrogenmĂĽhle Heidenau


Live photo show enriched with music and original sounds • Presentation time about 90 minutes with an optional break and discussion following the presentation • 400 photographs, countless historical photos and maps • Digital projection with the latest HDAV technology


Posters in sizes A1, A2 and A3 • Video trailer • Press release and photos

Book a Presentation

If you’d like to book one or more presentations, just contact me. I’d also be happy to design special events for you, such as an „Antarctic Christmas“ with blankets and hot wine.

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